(our movement)

The Mana:
our symbol

Morocco, 2017: we are in the desert city of Ait Ben Haddou, a landmark of the berber culture. In the houses that blend in with the sand, we discover the symbol of the free berber man. This symbol is part of their alphabet and represents the fierce and nomad spirit of the population that will inspire us to create our logo and symbol.


The symbol of the free man, displayed on the berber flag, a nomad population of North Africa. The color red symbolizes life and their fierceness.


Even before Tribeke, there was our triskelion, a trinity symbol in many cultures and creeds. This symbol evokes union, harmony and balance.


A symbol that is close to our heart: it represents our origins and the path made until now. It brings the meaning of awareness and being whole to our mana.

The word Tribeke

Tribeke is a neologism composed of two words: one comes from the english language, the other one is maori. Together, they mean “tribe of extraordinary people”.


This is the English word. Tribeke was created by people and for people: it has always been people centered, so community for us is a core value. The reason we chose the word “tribe” is because it represents a community bound by shared values – but with the freedom to live by them anywhere in the world, much like the Maori tribe (which is spread across countries).


The word comes from the Maori language (Te Reo Maori) and it is a grammatical particle (it is added to words/verbs) that means something extraordinary, or a shrill. For us being extraordinary has always been a core value, because we are driven by the desire in helping people excel and live life at their best by embracing their unique strenghts.

The sound

Based on its phonetic analysis, the word Tribeke has these three main qualities: