Executive Plan

Tribeke Executive is the creation of a plan for the evolution of your lifestyle. Contact us if you wish to embark on creating your plan, which includes tax and financial optimization, obtaining foreign citizenships and residences, and building a business and a free lifestyle.You will work directly with Koan and the team to create your personal plan with the support of our network of 476 professionals from the Global Tribeke Network worldwide.

Would you like my help and that of our team?

Together, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees to:

Build an international and free life

Finances. Taxes. Lifestyle. Citizenship and residences. Investments.

We solve your Problem No. 1

That is, lack of time and having to do things alone. My team and I can create a tailor-made plan for you, with steps to achieve the results you want. We eliminate the unnecessary and delve into what is important to you.

Lack of time and having to do things alone

Acting with a precise plan allows you to save time, money, and energy. All actions we propose are in full compliance with the law.

With a customized plan, the timeline shortens without having to guess each time where to go, what to do, or whom to talk to.

Your hours of life, your energy, and your money are resources that deserve respect and zero waste of.

Let's start creating a plan together.


International tax planning, transfer pricing, offshore companies, offshore payment processes, international banks, asset protection, and much more.

Residences and citizenships

We work on planning for tax residences, citizenships for investment, citizenships by descent, methodologies for obtaining various passports and international residences, as well as how to choose the best place for you.


From brokerage accounts to international stock markets, international real estate investments, citizenship through real estate investments, alternative investments, cryptocurrencies, emerging markets, and more.


We build a global lifestyle plan for you and your family, with a powerful and free business, covering from residence permits to choosing the base for your supranational home and forging your free lifestyle.

parte 1: strategy

When building a plan, it is essential to have a clear end result and how to get there.

We draw inspiration from the modus operandi of special forces: “Plan for 60 hours, act in 60 seconds.

This is to avoid actions and choices made in the heat of the moment that do not solve the real problem.

One of the biggest mistakes is dedicating oneself to many tactical actions (in the short term).

It happens that large amounts of money are invested in short-term choices without a mentor and/or guide for the strategic framework.

We have learned the importance of this concept the hard way: in the last 11 years, we have worked to discover, open, and pave the right paths both financially and personally.

Especially in fields where there were many false beliefs, taboos, and automatic mechanisms. There were many dead ends, roads leading to nowhere (even if they seemed promising), and false leads.

We will work with smart movement economy in every area of your life: achieving the maximum possible result while avoiding wasting time, money, and resources.

Step 1

Submit a request

The first step is simple: fill out the form. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and will help us understand if we can work together, what you need, and where to start.

After this, within 3-4 days, your request will be evaluated, and we will give you a response.

Step 2


Once your request is approved, we will schedule a one-on-one meeting with you.

We will contact you to speak together, asking specific questions about what you want and what you really need, and we can answer any questions you have.

If we choose to work together, the next step will be to proceed with payment and start immediately with your project.

Step 3


We start your project. The first part of our process involves several weeks of analysis.

Coordination begins to compile detailed information about your situation so that we can build an excellent and thorough analysis.

All important details will be considered, every nuance and need: the goal is to build your Freedom project.

It will take about 5-7 hours of meetings, during which we will outline your project.

Step 4


Our analysis work culminates in a meeting where we will present your complete Executive plan, step by step.

Every detail will be included, from specific banks for your accounts to tax structures, to the best places for your residence.

You can ask anything you want and need, and after the meeting, you will receive your 40-page plan.

parte 2: Acting out the plan

Once your Executive plan has been created, you can choose whether to carry out everything independently or with our help.

In business, success is all about executing planned actions, and in the world of internationality and freedom, it’s the same.

Most people fail in the process because they focus on theories rather than results. They get lost in a thousand thoughts, fears, and hopes, instead of doing the wisest thing: Act.

A good plan remains a great idea if not acted upon: it is through action that a great strategy becomes a great success.

I and my team know well how all the pieces fit together to build and execute the plan, and once we have your project built, we will be happy to help you complete everything in months, not years.

Global Tribeke Network

You will have the opportunity to access our Global Tribeke Network of over 476 professionals, including bankers, real estate experts, international finance experts, lawyers, accountants, geolocated business experts, trading experts, and more in almost every country in the world that is interesting for building an extraordinary lifestyle.

We have selected the best.

This way, you will save more time and money by working only with high-level professionals.


We know that moving abroad, both financially and personally, can be intimidating or at least worrying.

Not only can we support you during this important life change, but we can also help you concretely.

We have researched, done, and lived practically everything; from passports for pets to choosing schools, how to choose the best account, and where to live.


It's probably not your intention to have to deal with lawyers and consultants from around the world and have to manage the whole process.

Especially considering that many may not speak English at all, or as much.

Our team fluently speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, and even the languages of the Indian subcontinent, just to give you an example.

We will help you communicate with professionals and with who you want, providing support and advice on how to manage the processes.


Like everything else in the modern world, becoming international also requires a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork.

Here too, we have built a simple and fast process, so you can manage everything in record time and without any hassle.

We prepare everything together until the final signature.

My team and I love working with kind, fun, and, above all, determined people.

You are perfect to work with us if:

You are determined

We always and only work for your success. We are determined to the maximum to help you achieve the life of your dreams and seek the same energy from you.

You are trainable

We have personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs. It is part of our job to understand what you really need and help you in every way possible, explaining detail by detail the plan. At the same time, there will be moments when we will tell you exactly what to do, and it is important to be ready to act quickly if you want to succeed.

You are ethical

Our approach is legal, correct, and above all, ethical. Promises are important and must be kept by both parties: ours and yours.


The most important thing you need to know is that we are not theoretical philosophers: we are practical professionals.

And specifically, Koan is an entrepreneur who lives exactly as he teaches.

If you prefer actions to the “burocratic wording” that often permeates many fields, then you will like our practical, direct, and results-oriented process.

Over the years, we have improved the process starting from the heart of our mission: the human component.

We have realized that it is not only about saving money, opening an overseas account, or moving to pay fewer taxes.

It’s about building a truly free life beyond your wildest expectations.

It’s about living your best life ever.

We are ready. Are you?

We and our network of 476 professionals from the Global Tribeke Network worldwide are ready to create your Executive plan to kickstart your best life ever.

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