Koan Bogiatto

Entrepreneur, Trainer, International Speaker, Best-selling Author, Podcaster, Influencer, and Co-founder of Tribeke

I am the point of reference for those who decide to live the life they desire with more freedom, more time, and more wealth. Alongside Joyke Perotti, whom I have been happily married to for over 30 years, I am the co-founder of Tribeke.

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Koan Bogiatto, and I am an Entrepreneur, Trainer, Speaker, Podcaster, Influencer, and Co-founder of Tribeke. I have explored approximately 120 countries worldwide, living not only in Italy but also in the USA (Florida), India, Japan, and many other nations.

I am also the only Italian to have received the the Green Card for “Special Merits and Extraordinary Person” in the field of training and coaching, an honorific visa from the American Government. In the past, I have served as a consultant for INA Assitalia, Wind, 21st Century, the Polytechnic University of Turin, Sai, eBay, De’Longhi Group, and Sole 24 Ore.

Additionally, I held the role of eBay Super Expert for 4 years, becoming a reference figure for over five million people, a position held by only 2 individuals worldwide. My mission is to help people live an extraordinary life.

I have founded and am a partner in various companies, including a training company one, in the real estate sector with an international investment fund and others in the restaurant industry, in security, and most recently in the automotive sector. These companies span from Singapore to the USA, passing through Italy, India, and England.

Acknowledgments and honors


for 4 years, one of only two figures in the world, a point of reference for over 5 million people and a speaker at eBay University.

American GreenCard

for extraordinary person and special merits in the field of training and the first Italian trainer to obtain it.

Ethic certification

released by the Italian Parliament and the first and only Italian training company to obtain it.

University conferences

at Bocconi, IUM Principality of Monaco, economy, trade and many others.

Presentation of "the Method" at F.I.U.

with certificate "People who attend our events achieve better results - than people who don't attend them- thanks to the application of the Method, the result of research lasting over 25 years".

Among the most ranked podcasts

on iTunes Italia in the Business category (with "PowerTalk - Te lo do io il business" and "Professione Influencer with Roberto Buonanno").

Business coach

for Ina Assitalia, Wind, 21th Century, Politechnic of Torino, SAI, eBay, Gruppo De Longhi, Sole24ore.

Owner and co-founder

of businesses in Europe, USA and Asia

Meeting with Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace prize 2006

Interview with Alviero Martini

Renowned Italian fashion designer

Author and podcaster

Autore di 7 libri

Author of 4 podcasts and 1 audiobook

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