Black Label Business CLub

The Private Circle that Changes Your Life

Why We Created This Club

We believe that humans are social beings: it is crucial to have the right people around you to create a network of support and growth towards your "What," or the life you desire.

A group united by freedom.

1 coaching per month for 4 years

Consistency and determination are the factors for long-term success. That's why the Black Label Business Club has a four-year duration. A group of people with your mindset.

A group of people with your mindset.

Within the Club, you will find other people who, like you, are intensely shaping themselves. From friendships to idea exchanges, you can connect with them.

1 meeting all together every month

Once a month, the group meets online for joint training. It's your checkpoint to share your progress and set the next steps and goals.

How Can I Participate?

To join the Black Label Business Club, you first need to submit an application. The Club is made of motivated, trainable, and resilient individuals.

How to Request Access:


Fill out the form

The form is the first tool we need to understand your situation and if or how the club may be suitable for you.


Have a 30-minute meeting

We will contact you: one of our specialists will schedule a 30-minute call with you to get to know you and understand if the club is suitable for you.


Join the club

In the case of a green light, you can pay the registration fee, and we will welcome you to the Black Label Business Club!

Request access to the Black Label Business Club

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