Our story
(the movement)

1991. The dream

Before Tribeke, our road was made of training, consulting, eBay and the dream to craft a method that would let people live their best life: a life of freedom, happiness and wealth. As of now, the method doesn’t quite exist yet, the words have yet to take form: it’s gonna be an intense 18 years of training and experience in the traditional training system.

2009. A new beginning

We decide to part from the path of traditional training, despite the success we reached in these 18 years as a company. We emerge with a new path that represents a shining light for freedom and people that want to safeguard their wealth and their family’s well being, to build a life that is both free and extraordinary under all aspects. Pictured: Nobel Prize for Peace and economist Muhammad Yunus, with whom Koan discussed circular economy.

2010. In the lush Roman hills

We were born in October of 2010 surrounded by nature in Rome. Originally, there were 34 people who decided to choose this new path during the first event, the legendary “Life Matrix Lab”. This is the event that would bring us to found Tribeke in the following years.

2017: Foundation of Tribeke

Tribeke is born as a naming and therefore a creation of a philosophy and a movement follows. The movement is founded on the values of freedom and happiness. During this year also our iconic payoff is born: “Live the life you want, where you want.”

2021. We go online

During the global slowdown, we decided to move online for the time being. But what happens is that this change will kickstart a deep transformation in Tribeke.

2022. Creating our own cryptocurrency

The idea for the TRBK arises for the first time during the summer of 2022, and it becomes a reality during the fall. In less than a year, there are now already more than a million euros in TRBK bought. This token is our community’s currency, made to make exclusive opportunities and services available. The first crypto currency dedicated to freedom.

Our mission has always remained the same

Helping you be happy through the creation of the life you want, where you want, with the people you love and a business that sustains your lifestyle.