The method

The foundation: The method W4H

To create a free and happy life

WHY: Following you passion

This is your why, your life mission, the “why you wake up every day” and work to obtain the life you desire. This is the beating heart of the method.

WHAT: The life you want

What life do we want to live? We’re talking about physique, health, aging, possessions, fun, family, couple, friends, personal growth, work, finances, fame and adventure.

WHERE: Where you want

Choosing the place you want to live in. State, culture, city, climate, population, laws, opportunities and characteristics.

WITH: With the people you want

Choosing the people that surround you: positive, motivating, knowledgeable, extraordinary, ethical and so on.

HOW: With a business that sustains your life style

Here we find business, investments, behavioral growth, performance strategies, relationship with money, network and creation of one.

The method W4H makes these 2 things possible:


How free you are and what kind of opportunities are accessible to you. Anything that increases movement is regarded as an improvement to your personal freedom.


Our philosophy when it comes to happiness is eudaimonia. It means to be in the company of a good spirit.

I 3 principi in cui crediamo

Freedom has to be earned

For us freedom is a right that we have to give to ourselves, it’s neither obvious or automatically given.

Freedom is our natural state of being

Freedom is not an objective, a goal or a moment, but our natural state as humans.

Human beings are social beings

Humans are made to stay in groups: only together we can do great things.

How do we change your life?

We work on your inner engine, composed by the triad knowledge-behavior-causativity. We put this together with our body’s biology, psychology and spirituality.

Your internal "life engine"


It’s always the beginning of any path: when are not achieving what we want, we are missing knowledge. But here’s the catch: we don’t know that we need to know: we need a mentor.


It’s time to “know thyself”: we need to work on our own behavior and create a “spiritual path”. This is valid both for inner (self, thoughts, etc.) and outer (technicalities, skills, etc.) world knowledge.


Taking decisions and sticking to them, making mistakes, learning  by doing, training and working to achieve goals: we need a trainer, a coach.

Around your inner "life engine"


Our own body biology is the key with which it is possible to do anything or nothing at all, based on our knowledge and habits.


Our psychology determines our personality and attitude, our preferences and much more: for this reason it’s vital to know it so that we can work on our behavior.


Spirituality is the missing piece, and it works in synergy with the previous two aspects. Intimate and personal, it has a concrete influence on our life.