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A consultancy plan to transform your “rigid” business into a liquid one. A plan to create the nucleus that gives you the freedom to live the life you want, wherever you want, all over the world. Here are the points we will cover:

1) Tax reduction

2) Portability

3) Scalability

4) Delocalization

5) Cost reduction

6) Exponential Improvement

What happens when you work from wherever you want, pay fewer or zero taxes, have no obligation of fixed hours or working in a specific location, all with a scalable business? The doors to immense, previously unthinkable opportunities open up: opportunities you wouldn't have had the time, energy, or resources to seize. From methodologies for choosing the best partners to implementing protocols for constant business volume increase, now you can access tools of a significantly higher level.

How to access

Step 1


The first step is simple: fill out the request form. It takes about 15-20 minutes and will help us understand if we can work together, what you need, and how to organize the possible first meeting. Based on the situation of availability or any waiting list, you will receive a response within 72 hours if registrations are open.
In case registrations are closed and there is a waiting list, you will receive an email indicating the average waiting time.

Step 2


If the questionnaire meets our criteria, we can proceed to the second step. If not, you will be informed that it is not possible to proceed and the reasons why.

Once we proceed, we will contact you to send you two questionnaires: one for behavioral assessment and the other for evaluating your business.

After completing the two questionnaires, when the requirements are confirmed, we will schedule a one-on-one meeting with you.

In this meeting, we will discuss your situation and possibilities, listening to your needs and understanding what you need, asking about various aspects of the overall picture to build a consulting roadmap.

At the end of the evaluation meeting, we will take 48 hours to review everything and contact you to inform you whether the evaluation was successful or not.

If you receive a green light, we will proceed with preparing the project, which will be presented to you in the next meeting.

Step 3


In this meeting, the development of your project will be presented: what we will do once we start working together. We will see if the goal is to potentially completely transform your business into a liquid one, modify some parts, or if it is necessary to open a new branch of your business that is completely liquid.

The plan is built around you and your business: we refer to the phrase "nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed." This is the meeting where we will choose whether to work together and start your project: once confirmed and settled, we start immediately with the work. The goal is to transform your business into a Formula One freedom vehicle.

The project

The plan becomes the map to consult to lead this great journey safely. To do this, a well-crafted strategy and methods of execution, practical and functional analysis and review are needed.

The project consists of three macro phases:

Phase 1: strategy

An excellent result is often preceded by an equally excellent strategy and planning. That’s why in this phase, we analyze the situation and the result you want to achieve. This way, we develop the path: the map from the starting point to the final result.

Phase 2: Execution

Now it’s time to take action. But “acting” by itself is not enough. The way you act is crucial, from applying strategic practices to ongoing review, the ability to translate planning into concrete actions, behavioral application, and so on are all tools and skills necessary to achieve extraordinary results in record time.

Phase 3: Implementation

It is often believed that with a good plan, everything is solved, just follow what was decided: but as Mike Tyson said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Life is magical, unpredictable, and constantly changing. Believing that you can command external events as you please, sticking to your beliefs, is madness that leads nowhere. A balance is needed between adhering to the plan and being flexible. Results and changes in the world around us must be analyzed. Only then can we achieve the desired results in any condition and whatever happens.

The Best of Both Worlds

We use Western pragmatism and Eastern flexibility for our project philosophy.

Here are all the aspects we work on for an international transformation project:


Like everything else in the modern world, becoming international also requires a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork. Here too, we have built a simple and fast process, so you can manage everything in record time, minimizing various legal requirements.


Managing an international shift of assets, commercial presences, or companies alone means risking losing a lot of time and money. That's why we can intervene in every organizational aspect, from foreign accounts to the method for finding the best professionals.


The heart of a growing and healthy business, capable of withstanding success and avoiding too big risks. With years of internal experience and following world-class clients, we know perfectly how to apply the best international management strategies, from choosing your team to financial planning.

Global Direction and Understanding of the World Scene

"Knowledge is power": having clarity about what is happening in the world has always been essential to anticipate markets and their trends, understand the fiscal positions of various nations, and know new realities before they become common worldwide. After living and developing businesses for years in countless countries around the world, from American Real Estate to training in universities in India, we have developed specific methods to navigate the world, its events, and its impact on your life. Something that today, for any entrepreneur, freelancer, or individual, is fundamental.

These are some of the areas where we have multi-decade knowledge and experience: we can guide you in a new world where your Liquid Business is your personal vehicle of Freedom.

What We Look for in You

There are requirements that we look for in a project. Some characteristics are variable, and others are absolute and indispensable, without which a job is not even considered. Beyond certain professional and practical characteristics, there are behavioral qualities that are vital to us.

You Have Full Focus on the Project

Working with us in business is demanding and requires significant economic and time resources, which are always minimal compared to the great result you will achieve. Imagine a life with an extremely profitable business that you conduct wherever you want, whenever you want without being harassed, and with maximum possible peace in all aspects.

To do this means that you are a decisive person, focused on the goal, and motivated to achieve the goal without the possibility of abandoning the new system. We are the partner who, together with you, will always be on top of things, at all times.

You Have a Strong Moral and Ethical Code

Our approach is legal, correct, and above all, ethical. The moral code of a person is a fundamental component for us. Our code is based on two main elements:

1. Dedication: to your dream, project, results
2. Honesty and professionalism before business

This means that we won't tell you what you want to hear to ensure a "satisfied" customer; we will tell you what you need to reach what you want, even if it can be difficult sometimes. We don't want just customers or satisfied customers.

We want enthusiastic people, full of joy for the business and the extraordinary life they have achieved and are living with their families. That's why it's important for us to work with people who share our values, such as honesty, the willingness to do good, to not harm others, and give their best. We want to work only with people who have strong human values: kindness, passion, cheerfulness, and above all, determination and presence in what they do.

You Are Trainable

We have worked personally with thousands of entrepreneurs, and some of them have built businesses that are now international realities, with dream lives.

To achieve these results, you have to be trainable. Being trainable in business means having the courage to change the idea of "it has always been done this way" and overcoming the obstacle of "it seems impossible." It means being able to execute, learn, question yourself, and commit to the maximum.

To achieve great results, one must know how to be a great student.

Our vision of the liquid business

I, Koan, want to tell you a story.

Today, many talk, discuss, and “boast” the concept of the Liquid Business, often falling into the usual refrain of the serial entrepreneur who invents a new marketing funnel in the evening and makes millions. The story continues, promising a miraculous path where, after a week, he starts selling rubber ducks on eBay and makes another million – but not before starting a private labeling of toilet paper. Meanwhile, he avoids taxes by opening a company in Bulgaria while having his headquarters in Milan (the so-called foreign establishment is a legend of ancient Greece). Not to forget the photo of his trip on a private plane as he goes to his holding in London. Sure, he could have removed the stock photo watermark from the internet picture of the plane with Photoshop, while he was at it. Others pass off a hotel lobby as their villa in some pleasant location, not to mention the green screen of places from which, theoretically, they are working.

Simply embarrassing realities, where unfortunately many people don’t have the patience to dedicate themselves body and soul to what they do and want to reap the fruits without having sown.

I created a specific liquid business model by committing day and night, working tirelessly since I was struck on the road to Damascus after reading Ferris’s “4 Hour Work Week” in 2007.

The model I have built today pales in comparison to what I studied in that book and that I can proudly say has no equal in the world.

I will forever thank Tim Ferris for his invaluable help. As Newton said, “If I have seen further, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.”

The Liquid Business is the key to living a rich and extraordinary life.

It’s not about taking a picture on a helicopter to post on Instagram. It’s about a wonderful life that expands day by day; what is a dream for many.

Concreteness, clarity of application, and operational flexibility are just some of the elements of my method. Those who want to pretend or become a Tik Tok plastic star can look elsewhere. My team and I are focused on helping you create a real dream life through a liquid business that supports your lifestyle.

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Now it’s your turn.

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